Mary Anne

Mary Anne Duffy Steinis took the helm at Framer’s Market and Gallery 17 years ago.

After a career as a data communications engineer, she decided to get back to her earliest roots as a fine arts major. “I wanted to spend more time with my husband, George. We decided this would be a good business for us.”

Mary Anne studied framing with Damron Owen and is certified by the Professional Picture Framers Association. “We really wanted to be the best framers, anywhere. It was very inspiring to study with masters of the trade who saw framing as an art.”

“George and I wanted to put our own imprint on the store,” continued Steinis. “I think Framer’s Market and Gallery has come to stand for great design, huge selection, top-quality materials and impeccable customer service.”

Steinis continues to have a passion for her business. She has just completed a total redesign of the store in April, 2010.


“Xianghe has been with Framer’s Market for 16 years,” continued Steinis. “He has the hands of a surgeon. Literally.”

Prior to emigrating to the United States, Xianghe (pronounced like “Jong” or “Zhong”) had been a thoracic surgeon in China. “He’s very precise and a joy to work with” commented Mary Anne.