Hanging Do’s and Don’ts

Hanging Do’s and Don’ts

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.  Don’t hang something too small above the sofa. The art will be  overwhelmed by the weight and scale of the sofa. Hang artwork that is proportionate to your furniture.

.  Don’t scatter your art collections around the house in the misguided notion that it will give the impression that you have more artwork. Keep your collection together; otherwise it’s no longer a collection.

.  Don’t feel like you have to hang every piece of art that you own. Store extra pieces away and take them out periodically when you’re ready to up-date your wall décor. Consider it an art rotation.

.  Don’t hang art on every wall in the room.  You should keep at least one wall free to allow your eyes to rest and give the art that is hanging, the attention it deserves.  

.  Consider the reflection before you hang mirrors….make sure the reflection you get isn’t of a messy kitchen or a doorway.

.  Don’t display art on walls that get lots of sunshine because the colors will fade and your art will be ruined over time. However, if you have a sunny area where you want to hang art, invest in UV glass  to protect your investment. 

.  Don’t hang expensive or sentimental pieces of artwork in a bathroom because the moisture from your steamy shower may hurt them.   (Especially if the bathroom is used by teenagers!)

.  Don’t try to match your art to your furniture or to your walls. Of course it’s important to buy pieces that complement your décor, but keep in mind that furniture is often replaced over time, so purchase what you really like; artwork is timeless.

.  Recycling is a great idea, but not when it comes to reusing the nail holes left behind from by a previous homeowner. You don’t want to repeat someone else’s mistakes, make your own holes!

.  You have probably heard this one a million times before but it’s important. Don’t hang your artwork too high, you want to be able to enjoy your artwork without having to look way up!

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