Artist Ray Matthews

Artist Ray Matthews

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Artist Ray Matthews was a guest on Dick Gordon’s “The Story” (NPR radio) on April 15, 2010. Ray’s painting “Main Street” reflects his nostalgia for his childhood town in South Hill, Virginia. This painting  won first prize in the 2009 South Hill, VA Spring Fest juried art show.

Meet Ray at a wine and cheese reception and see his work at Framer’s Market and Gallery on Saturday, April 17th from 4:00 to 7:00pm.

For more information about purchasing Ray’s original paintings and Giclee prints email us or call  919-929-7137.

8 Responses to “Artist Ray Matthews”

  • Kim Mansour says:

    I would like to purchase one of Ray’s paintings, is there a way to view them on line. Thank you for your response. Tele#918-423-8087 It would be a delight to attend his next show in person, I saw the 3 posted on “The Story” web site. Kim Mansour

  • debi ulrey-crosby says:

    I would like to know if Ray’s other paintings are on-line to look at and to purchase. Are prices listed on-line? Thanks, Debi

  • Jess Johnson says:

    Beautiful art, Ray, just beautiful! I was captivated by The Story, and I sincerely hope the gallery is packed with people lining up to buy Ray’s beautiful paintings! I only wished I lived in VA to attend!

  • Leslie De La Cruz says:

    I just listened to “The Story” on NPR.
    I would be interested in a blank note cards assortment of Ray’s nostalgic prints.
    Even a box of say 8-10 blank note cards with his award winning painting would be nice.
    These are great for those of us who can’t purchase the paintings but would still like to bring the art home and share it with our friends too. Thanks, Leslie (California)

  • Mary Lou Majka says:

    One of the most memorable and moving stories I’ve heard. Glad I chose to listen to the radio rather than watch television last night. Absolutely LOVE the picture of Main Street and most anxious to see Ray’s other paintings. What a nice guy – real salt of the earth. Love his devotion to his mother!

  • Bruce Wilson says:

    I just want to say that Ray’s story was one of the most heart-warming stories I’ve heard in years. I am a frustrated artist and learning about Ray’s success has encouraged to pick up my pencils, pens, and brushes and just create art. If you are born with wings, you are supposed to fly.

    Montreal, Canada

  • Tom Donahoe says:

    I only buy art from people I know, or have met. Thanks to “The Story,” I really believe I got to know Ray Matthews. What a pleasure it is to meet you, Ray. I look forward to having one of your paintings become a guest in our home.

  • Melissa Stewart says:

    I really enjoy “The Story” and once again I was not disappointed by the story of Ray Matthews. Ray, it would be a privilege to have a piece of your work in our house, especially if it allows me to tell Ray’s story to all of our guests.