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Chapel Hill, NC – A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, a unique day not to be repeated. For almost any wedding, large or small, photography is an important component. But, too often, framing and display of cherished wedding memories is an after-thought.

Framers Market does scores of weddings frames and displays every year. From simple frames to elaborate shadow box displays, we can create the perfect, archival setting for your treasured remembrances.

Some Ideas for a Great Wedding Display

Times have changed from the wedding photographer with the Yashica and a flash bulb. Now, there is digital photography, pictures from your friends, shots from cell phones and much more material to consider. Here are some hints for grappling with the clutter:

1. Come in for a consultation before your wedding – We can tell you want to look for and what to collect during the day so you don’t miss out or have to spend much energy to get great results.

2. Collect things – Invitations, confetti, rice, wedding programs, napkins and more make fabulous items in a shadow box. Our advise is to assign a friend or relative to the task and equip them with a big Ziplock bag. Collection on the day of the event is the key to success.

3. Think about framing and display when you select your pictures – Digital photographers take hundreds of shots, but you’ll most likely only print a handful. In addition to the ‘signature shot’ (usually the bride and groom in a large gilt frame), you may want to select other, less formal pictures for display.

4. Consider themes – Displays, whether in a frame or a shadow box, unify subjects within a larger event. Wedding themes include:

  • Bridesmaids
  • Bride’s Family
  • Husband’s Family
  • College Friends
  • Out of Towners
  • Grandparents
  • Nieces, nephews and cousins
  • Every wedding has a few themes running through it. Think about yours and plan a display to highlight your affections.

5. Give a display as a gift – A check is nice and a serving plate is grand, but why not give a display as a wedding gift. The young couple will see your thoughtful present and enjoy it forever. It’s the kind of item that gets passed down from generation to generation. Costs about the same as a nice vase.

More Info

Is there a wedding in your future? Contact us for some ideas to to ask questions about memorializing your most important day.

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