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When it comes to educated collectors, nothing beats a philatelist. That’s stamp collector to you and me.

History of Stamp Collecting

According to Wikipedia:

The first postage stamp, the Penny Black, was issued by Britain in 1840 and pictured a young Queen Victoria. It was produced without perforations (imperforate) and consequently had to be cut from the sheet with scissors in order to be used. While unused examples of the “Penny Black” are quite scarce, used examples are quite common, and may be purchased for $20 to $200, depending upon condition.

People started to collect stamps almost straight away, most notably John Edward Gray who bought penny black stamps on their first day of issue in order to keep them. Children and teenagers were early collectors of stamps in the 1860s and 1870s. Many adults dismissed it as a childish pursuit but later many of those same collectors, as adults, began to systematically study the available postage stamps and publish books about them. Some stamps such as the triangular issues of the Cape of Good Hope have became legendary. (See Stamps of the Cape of Good Hope).

Today, stamp collecting is one of the world’s most popular indoor hobbies.

Framing and Displaying Stamps

You may only have one or two prized stamps, or you may have volumes. Why not share them with everyone?

We’re experts in handling, mounting and framing collectible stamps.

We love to see rare and beautiful issues, so please bring in a few choice pieces of your collection for a look-see or email us with any questions.

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