Shadow Boxes

Shadow Boxes

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Chapel Hill, NC – Three-dimensional objects make some of the most effective displays. We can build shadow boxes for any subject – personal memorabilia, family military history, favorite college sports teams (for example, the Tar Heels) and virtually any theme.


Think of a shadow box as a 3-D picture frame.

Originally created to keep direct light away from fragile items, shadow boxes still typically allow illumination from only one direction.

Framer’s Market & Gallery constructs custom shadow boxes to fit the exact needs of the items and the decor of the owner.


Any collection of things can be combined into a shadow box. A single item – for example a flag or a uniform – can be a beautiful display without additional iems.

More commonly, several or even many items are brought together in one display. There’s no set number – a shadow box of shells from a family vacation might include four items or twenty four.

Some of the many uses for shadow boxes include weddings, anniversaries, family history, sports, coins and careers. The possibilities never cease to amaze us.


The first thing to do is to make a collection of items around a related topic. Maybe it’s the wedding of a child or the birthday of a parent.

Most effective shadow boxes start with a central item. It could be a photograph, an invitation or a 3D item like a sports jersey or a military medal.

Think of a shadow box as a little story. What one item introduces the viewer most quickly and esily to the subject of the shadow box? What jumps out at you when you spread your collection on the kitchen table?

Once you’ve assembled a collection, think about where you might hang the box. What colors and materials will surround it?

Armed with this information, bring your collection into Framer’s Market. We’ll discuss different ways of organizing and displaying your collection and come up with some price options. We can put the job into work or you can go home equipped with more information of turning your treasures into museum-quality display pieces.

We love seeing the collections of our friends and neighbors in Chapel Hill and the surrounding towns – so much history and life comes through our doors in small boxes. Don’t be shy – we really do love to see this stuff.

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