Military History and Careers

Military History and Careers

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Chapel Hill, NC – One of the deepest interests in our society is in all things military – careers, history and memorabilia are just a few examples.


For those who served, it represents a great sacrifice and a great honor. Most veterans are intensely proud of their service, their unit and the people with whom they served.

We restore and frame photographs, preserve and display letters and maps and create shadow box displays for medals, flags and other military items.


When a guy walks into our shop with a box, it’s going to be one of two things – sports or military. It’s what guys collect.

Most history buffs focus on a certain period. The Civil War is a topic of interest for many people in the area (we’ve seen some incredible items from family collections), but collectors also routinely stroll in with things from WWII (another hot topic), Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq.

We’ve seen items from the Franco-Prussian War, the American Revolution and even the Roman Empire.


From a single photo to an entire uniform display, we handle all your military memorabilia with reverence and care.

We can provide photo restoration and conservation services to preserve your most important items for generations to come. From a small frame to a large shadow box, we’ll create something beautiful for you to enjoy forever.

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