Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

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Chapel Hill, NC – Vintage photographs are some of our most important possessions. They document our ancestors, our homes and our history.

Maybe a few photos make it into frames, but most remain tucked away in an album or a box.

At Framer’s Market, we’re experts in restoring old photos and creating exciting displays.

We use the most technically advanced tools in photo restoration to bring out detail and remove the evidence of time and wear from old prints.

Once the photo has been restored, we can help you choose the perfect frame to match the scene and your home environment. For even more impact, consider creating a shadow box with all kinds of items relating to the subject. Photos combine beautifully with small objects from the past creating a museum quality display.

Don’t let your precious photographs molder in a box!  Bring them in to Framer’s Market for expert photo restoration and advice on a suitable display.

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