What’s in a Frame

Chapel Hill, NC - Let's just say it: a frame can make or break a picture. It's true. We've seen it all. Frames that are ...

What We Do

We make beautiful and original display pieces to decorate your home. From framing pictures to custom mirrors, shadow boxes and memorabilia, each of our products reflect a unique character and...

Sports Memorabilia

Sports is the great pastime and also the great object lesson for our society. It has passion, achievement, glory and defeat. Collecting souvenirs and memorabilia about sports is one of our ...

Photo Restoration

Vintage photographs are some of our most important possessions. They document our ancestors, our homes and our history. Framer's Market provides expert photo restoration and conservation.

Military History and Careers

One of the deepest interests in our society is in all things military - careers, history and memorabilia are just a few examples.


You may only have one or two prized stamps, or you may have volumes. Why not share them with everyone?

Artist Ray Matthews

Artist Ray Matthews was a guest on Dick Gordon's "The Story" (NPR radio) on April 15, 2010. Ray's painting "Main Street" reflects his nostalgia for his childhood town in South Hill, Virginia.